Dr. Chiara is one of the leading female plastic surgeons in the UAE performing breast lift surgery with minimal hidden scars and providing natural looking results. If you are considering a breast lift, you may book a consultation with Dr. Chiara to learn more about the procedure and its techniques and results.

A breast lift is an elective surgical procedure that improves the sagging appearance of the breasts by lifting them up and reshaping their contours. It’s most commonly used on women over 40 years old who have lost significant amounts of breast volume due to pregnancy, childbirth, weight loss, aging, or gravity. A breast lift can also help restore symmetry in cases where one breast is larger than the other.

The best candidates for a breast lift include:


If you’re unhappy with your breasts’ current appearance, a breast lift could be right for you. You’ll probably notice this immediately if they’ve dropped significantly below your natural waistline. You might not realize how much your breasts sag until someone points out the problem. If you do decide to get a breast lift, make sure you schedule time before your next appointment, so you have plenty of time to recover from surgery.

How you prepare for Breast Lift

Before your surgery, you should discuss all aspects of your treatment plan with your surgeon. Dr. Chiara and her team will explain what kind of incision he plans to use and whether he recommends placing drains after your operation. They will also tell you about his preferred method of anesthesia, and he may recommend some specific medications to reduce swelling and bruising following surgery.

You’ll wear a compression bra to support your breasts while healing during your recovery period. You may also need to avoid strenuous activity for four weeks. Afterward, you can resume normal daily activities without restrictions.

During the procedure

A breast lift usually takes two hours or less. The doctor makes a tiny incision at the top of each breast and then uses blunt instruments to remove loose skin and fat underneath the breast. She then closes the incisions using dissolvable stitches. During the procedure, you’ll likely experience mild discomfort such as soreness around your chest. Dr. Chiara may prescribe pain medication to ease these symptoms.


Dr. Chiara will instruct you on proper post-operative care. She’ll advise you on caring for your incisions and suggest ways to minimize scarring. Her team also shows you how to apply makeup and dress comfortably. You’ll need to follow specific guidelines to ensure your wounds heal properly. For example, you shouldn’t shower three days after surgery and must keep the area clean and dry.

Dr. Chiara’s team will show you how to put on a compression garment that helps prevent fluid buildup in your surgical site. Once your incisions fully heal, you’ll no longer need to wear a compression garment. However, you still need to take good care of them by keeping the wound clean and dry. This can help prevent infection and other complications.


Dr. Chiara’s staff will monitor your progress throughout your recovery. They’ll check your incisions regularly to make sure they’re healing well. You’ll receive regular updates about your body’s response to the anesthesia. You may also experience minor bleeding or drainage from your incisions. This side effect typically goes away within a few days. You can contact Dr. Chiara’s office if you have questions or concerns about your recovery.


Although several different types of plastic surgeries are available, a breast lift is considered safe and effective because it doesn’t involve removing any breast tissue. Instead, it lifts the nipple area and smooths out the surrounding tissues. With a breast lift, you won’t lose any breast tissue, which means your new breasts will appear as close to their original state as possible.

Key Takeaways

To summarize, a breast lift is a Day case procedure requiring only one small incision under each breast. It involves lifting the nipple area and smoothing out the surrounding tissues. Your breast lift results in minimal scarring and requires just two to three months of recovery time.

Dr. Chaira’s breast lift surgery has been exceptional so far. The results of a breast lift surgery last indefinitely. However, there is always a chance that the procedure won’t completely restore your youthful appearance. After all, the aging process continues even though you look younger than your age.